Sunday, February 24, 2013

The English Gentlemen

This was actually a name for an interior for one of the H3 (Hummer H3) special order packages I remember following when I worked at the GM Tech Center. Not sure why it was named that but the interior had a really nice brushed aluminum and dark leather combo with some sharp details like chromed switch bezels, bold stitching, and soft touch paint buttons. Very classy. On an H3 though? Pleh... Tonights cameras reminded me a lot of that interior though. There's something so beautiful and intriguing about Polaroid's decision to use cowhide panels on the plated shells. I don't think too may products would benefit from that today. It's definitely a 70s aestehtic... Ron Burgundy would have carried one. Everything clad with leather and smelled like old spice and mothballs, at least from what I imagine. From an overall design perspective however, it's brilliant. Why make the photographer uncomfortable with raw plated plastic. Why would someone want to hold a cold heavy chunk of what looks like solid aluminum? Ah... let's calm the senses and contrast the cold steel hide with a nice soft and warm leather, smooth to the touch with a pleasant new car smell. The elite at the country club will admire the bold leather look... "Who is that distingished handsome man carrying that marvelous sophisticated apparatus?!". "How foxy!"... I love it when product cost savings isn't an option.

So those were some of the things wandering around in my mind while I scrubbed away 40 year old adhesive with Goo Gone... That stuff is getting to me. I'm really happy... giddy... with tonights 2 new additions to the sales queue. Dark brown leather was the star of the evening and I used it on both and Alpha 1 Model 2 and a newer style Model 1. This was the version that began to use new cost reduced internals but a more robust flex circuit and electronics system. It's also recognizable by the distance marks on the lens. Happy Sunday and keep a lookout for my newly acquired SLR680 that's getting the 2nd Shot treatment! Plus there's some custom Model 2's that are going to get a "Pyrex" makeover.

Here's the A1M2 all dressed up. Very classy...

Next up is the Model 1 also with the dark brown skins... love the contrast!!

And the latest 3 SX70s that will be for sale very soon. I'd like to post these all at once.

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