Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Model 2 Gets a Makeover

The Model 2 has to be one of my favorites of the SX70 family. It was a nice evolution of the camera from a cost standpoint. Eliminate plating and save cash but don't go skimpy on features or function. Yes, the "stainless" models are in fact only plated plastic(earlier models having a brushed steel/chrome appearance and later ones having a frosted less reflective look). The downside is that Polaroid got rid of the cowhide for a new material called porvair. There's no doubt in my mind that this material was primo back in the day but unfortunately it didn't survive the elements and time. There's a few survivors here and there, but any Model 2 I've held has some very nasty covering that pretty much disintegrate in your hands. The color was very nice though... almost like a Hershey's Chocolate maroon.

I'm very happy with my latest refurb for a customer not too far from me here in Buffalo. He was very kind to drop it off at my house and chat about Polaroid for a while. I love shop talk. This Model 2 was already in very good working condition... a few adjustments and tweaks needed but a very solid camera. So without further adieu, here's my model 2 makeover. I hope this camera takes some stellar pics and is admired by those that take a glance... Thanks Randy!

Before and after...

And some more beauty shots... (and promo)

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