Friday, February 27, 2015

Thank you Monster Energy - Repair Updates

Thank you Monster Energy for keeping me up the past few hours so I could finish off some cameras. This stuff can't be good for you at all...

Gonna keep this short and sweet as it's already 2AM but I wanted to thank everyone for the flood of emails and cameras coming in. I'm definitely going to be very busy in the next few months... for anyone interested in sending in a camera for repair please still feel free to do so but it may be about 3 weeks or maybe even more for turnaround time.

There have also quite a few questions about the skins I use and colors. The ones I stock up on are original tan, original black, pebble black, and dark brown. They are real leather which I've found to be very durable and look fantastic when applied. I have other colors I could get so if you have any custom ideas please feel free to contact me.

There it is... short and sweet! Have a great weekend and enjoy your friends and family! Shop's closed!

Here's a few highlights from this week's cameras including a set headed to Treehouse in Honolulu... (thanks Bobby!), a single custom Model 1 headed to Honolulu as well, a very nice condition Model 1, and a 250 that needed some shutter work and a little bit of love. This one was definitely a learning experience. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Old Man Winter is a Big Meanie Pants

Really creative title huh?... I seriously couldn't think of anything else to title this. It's cold out and there's about 3 feet of snow on the ground. It's winter. There's the title.

Yes it's freezing out but it's nice having a nip of Makers while a fire is going. I really don't have anything to whine about. The family is happy and healthy and 2nd Shot has been crazy busy. Life is good.

I returned from my business trip to the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. My first time overseas and I sincerely hope it's not my last. I can't describe it in too much detail as it was a very surreal experience but it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I have to say that I miss walking almost 15 miles a day along with a pretzel and Hefeweizen at each meal. I hope to go back again some day... I'd love to bring my family. :)

Ok... Back to cameras! I'm all caught up entirely with January orders. I have a few spots left before I have to cut off for February so if you have a camera you'd like sent in please contact me right away! I shipped 6 cameras today so thank you all for your patience while I was out. The new motors are making life very easy as there's no more guessing if the motor will fail again and thanks to Dubbs furnishing the shop with some new gear and lighting, working on cameras has been easier than ever. Of course she's now created a monster as I'm finding more and more things that I could use to make diagnosis and final cleaning much easier and faster. Thanks Dubbs!

As promised last month, there will be some changes with the blog soon as well as a sister site that customers can place online orders. The blog will be strictly for updates and cool pics. I'd even like to start posting some tutorials for some quick troubleshooting and repairs owners can follow to determine if their camera is worth sending in for a repair. Stay tuned! Till then Happy Valentine's Day to everyone (big 2nd Shot smootch), shop's closed!

This was my first experience with the old city once we arrived. We weren't able to check in to the hotel for another 5 hours so... eat and drink! I was in heaven!!! I was told that 6 N├╝rnberg sausages is a kids meal and that I was being a total wuss puss. I had 12 later. :)

Here's a few highlights of this week's cameras... A very nice Model 1, a custom A1M2, and a 2nd Shot first, a AAA battery converted 210 packfilm camera!