Thursday, February 7, 2013

Choco SE

Add another repair to the portfolio. Another Sonar SE needed some love. When a film pack was inserted the dark slide mode functioned well but when I went to take a pic, the thing went friggin screwy. I did some troubleshooting and tested switches etc. I narrowed the problem down to a bad Sonar circuit board and installed a new one from my donor pile. Works like a charm and the focus is now working just fine! Quite a rewarding feeling. :) So a little cleaning, adjustments (finally figured out how to adjust the prop arm), and testing and KER-BOOSH! I'd say this little guy is now near mint.

I'm just about to ship my auctions out... while I'm waiting to ship, I like to display my latest cameras. I finally got to putting up my display collection in our new house. I have a lot more but these are my favorites and I have limited wall room. I'm gonna miss these SX70's... *sniff* I'm gonna have to dig out the colorpacks and my J66 conversion to fill in the gap. More to come with an Alpha 1 focus wheel repair.

Here's the latest repair/refurbish. Chocolatey goodness...

Here's some of my collection (well the auction sx70s aren't mine)... So nice having these hanging up again...

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