Thursday, August 29, 2013

Custom SLR680 - 5 Fixers - A Week Off!

Tomorrow 2nd Shot will be headed out for vacation until 9/8. We are excited. Very excited. Very very excited. So just in case anyone has sent any cameras in for repair, please know that your camera will be safe within the confines of our local Post Office and we'll get to fixin once we get back.

In the meantime, I just got done with a pretty nifty SLR680 custom that is now for sale here on Ebay. It's essentially an SLR680 (obviously) with a very minty OneStep body. I have to be honest, Polaroid cut a LOT out as far as quality goes later on with the SLR cameras and just weren't as robust as the newer ones... I won't even get into talking about the 690s, which by the way, the King is ka-put... *taps*  :(

Also, I was able to tidy up 5 new repair/reskins from a highly valued Gold Card carrying 2nd Shot customer. Unfortunately, final checks found the Model 1 being very tempermental in the dark slide mode. It needs to be right before it goes out or I don't get any sleep... grrrrr...

OK. Everybody have a great Labor Day... Shop's closed!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pinky and the Witch - Sonar Aloha - Pricing Updates

Anyone know where the summer went? Seriously, what happened?! One minute it was April and BOOM... July was a bit slow in terms of cameras. Everyone is out and about... including me so a little break was warmly welcomed. Needless to say it's been a fantastic Summer and we've been getting a better flow of repairs as of late so many thanks to those that have contacted 2nd Shot recently. I'd like to give a little heads up on pricing. We're moving to a 2 category price selection as cameras received for simple reskins have all needed some form of repair... It's tough for me to return a customer's camera shiny and skinned but working like a wreck and it's taken a bit more time and parts to get these right before shipping. So each camera is now thoroughly inspected, adjusted, and repaired even if it is sent in for a simple reskin thus the price increase. However it's important to note that the prices do include free return shipping and there is the option to waive the cost for a reskin if a customer decides to do it themselves.

As for updates, I just finished up this evening with a thorough re-do on a very nice antique Sonar from Hawaii and finished up the most recent custom - Pretty in Pink (or Molly - Molly Ringwald as Dubbs calls it)! This lovely OneStep Sonar SE will be up for auction very soon. Also included are some pics of a recently sold green model - Wicked Witch... keep an eye out for more customs and blog updates. Till then, shop's closed!

Tonight's work... I'm happy!