Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Speck" the Alpha 1

Almost showtime! I finished up 2 more cameras in the last 24 hours and these are just about to go up for sale on the "Bay" and Etsy! These 2 cameras are my favorite yet... I think mostly because I now have a very good routine down for cleaning these and using my checklist definitely helps. I would have to say that these 2 are definitely "gems". Later model SX70s used a different type of plating, more of a frosted texture other than the chromed look. These clean up very well and can look brand new. Combine the cleaned surfaces with new leather and I'm in love!!! *sigh*

So let me talk about "Speck". This camera works amazing and looks amazing. I just got finished with a 3.5 hour cleaning, ran all my tests and checks, reskinned, and took my test shot. This camera looks brand new... and I'm not exaggerating. But there's a .5mm little speck of dust trapped in between the inner lens elements. I have tried EVERYTHING to get it out!!! Air, vibration, tapping... but I have a few other tricks up my sleeve. It's one of those tiny details that'll keep me up at night. I want these to be perfect. That's just how I do it... :)

Here's a few shots of "Speck"...

Some shots of the classy Sonar. I'll be selling this with the Ever Ready case... nice match!

Finally, here's a few shots of the cameras that will be for sale starting tomorrow night (dark brown Sonar not shown in the second pic)!...

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