Friday, March 1, 2013

Film Glorious Film!!!

Yep! 12 Packs of Impossible PX70 chilling in the fridge. I loooooooove getting film almost as much as I looooooove burning through it. IP has come a very long way and I tip my hat to all they offer and all they've done to keep Polaroid alive and well.

The reason why I bought so much film is that I need to take test shots. The test shot is the final step I take once a camera is disassembled, repaired (if needed), and put back together. It's about a 3-4 hour process just to clean it... repairs can take much longer. But I love doing it. I love to bring back a sick and coughing camera to full function. *sigh* It's very calming and therapeutic. Ohmmmmmmm.

So here's tonight's fix and reskin. A very nice SX70 that looks to have had a pro repair back in the day. I could tell right away by the porvair bottom covering. Sure enough, it looks to have had a few capacitors added on the ECM and on S5 and S3 switches. Crazy... I'm doing research as we speak. Time for PICS!!!!

Sweet delicious film... OM NOM NOM!

(and I'm gonna eat those meatballs later... the ones in the tupperware)

Black SX70... has a bit of a sinister look...

Taking a few test shots... forgot how tricky PX70 can be... finally got it dialed in.

And finally some camera pron...

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