Sunday, March 3, 2013

2nd Shot Store is Now Open!

Tonight I have listed 6 of my cameras on Ebay and the custom blue Sonar on Etsy. My Ebay ID is "mwidmann" or do a search for SX70 and you'll see the rainbow logo on the item pic. I hope they find their way to new homes and happy owners. I have to take a little break from cameras for this week to work on some miscellaneous illustration but I'll be back with some cool work on 4 Model 3s and a whole new batch of fixers! Some of these will be really down and dirty repairs so stay tuned. Plus I'll post some new progress on Hickory, my keeper camera from NC.

I also want to announce that 2nd Shot SX70 Service is no longer "I" but "we". My wonderful, loving, patient, understanding, "puts up with my (*^%", girlfriend "Dubbs" (her name's Jenn) has been helping me out with a LOT of marketing and getting the 2SSS name out there on the internet so I kinda volunteered her as my marketing manager. I can't thank her enough for all her help. She really knows her stuff when it comes to marketing and business (she's also an amazing artist, cook, friend, etc.) so I owe her a lot. :) Here's a few other spots you can find us.





And for some non-camera related stuff... here's a link to some of my artwork. Just throwing that out there.

Scupbucket on Deviantart

Not too many pics to post tonight... I bid everybody a happy Sunday and leave you with a picture of a late model flex circuit with motor and MCC attached. What you see here can make a slow and tired camera like new again... Exciting huh? I think so.


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