Monday, November 10, 2014

What's the Latest Haps

I think this October's been a record for hours in the shop. I'm averaging 25 hours a week once I get home from my day job. So tons of jittery thanks to Monster Energy for keeping me awake those hours. :)

Thanks to all those who continue to support 2nd Shot as well and all those doing their part to keep instant film alive! I'm open to new repair submissions so please keep the emails coming.

The Ivory SLR680 is now finished! I was hoping to have it up for sale last week but it needs some accessories still. This uses a Model 2 chassis but I didn't have a cover that accepted straps so I'd like to sell this with a nice professional hard case both for convenience of carrying around and to protect the painted finish. As for the tripod hole, I happened to have a mint SX70 tripod adapter on hand that will be included. My next post will have complete specs and pics along with cost.

Finally, sorry to be a total downer but I just wanted to thank my sidekick of 13 years for all the fun and love she gave. She would often lay at my feet while I was working in the shop. Gonna miss her.

Shop's closed!

Here's a quick promo of the Ivory SLR680 along with my new toy I pieced together...



  1. Sorry about your pup! It's always hard saying goodbye to your best friend. Great blog, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next, and thanks for keeping analog alive.