Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Snowvember!! - Ivory SLR680 For Sale

I was just looking out the window to watch a car crawl up the steepest part of the summit of Jewett Holmwood Road here in East Aurora, NY right outside the shop. He made it but not without a little driving drama. Buffalo Southtowns got slammed with an average of 4-5 feet of snow and are likely to get more. I actually had a snowday today (from my day job), the second in the last 2 years and a quarter of the city is shutdown. I've been reading on social media, everybody's first instinct is to stock up on booze and food... booze first... one of the reasons why I absolutely love living here. So needless to say this gave me some time to catch up on the business end of 2nd Shot and answer a lot of emails. Please keep an eye out for the next post to review a few issues that have been coming up involving film jams when using Impossible's latest batch of films.

*****The Ivory 680 is SOLD! Thanks for all those who stopped by to take a look!*****

Ok... finally! I'm proud to offer up for sale the 2nd Shot custom Ivory SLR680 complete with hardshell professional case, 2 packs of Polaroid 779 film (exp. 10/06 batch tested), tripod adapter, owner's manual, and SLR680 strap. This custom outfit is being offered for $595.95 which includes shipping (US only) and a 60 day limited warranty. Sorry but damage to the painted finish is not covered by the warranty.

I usually offer sales like these up on Ebay but I want to first offer this camera up to those who follow 2nd Shot and can truly appreciate what this camera represents. Please note that I do have a 100% positive feedback score on there so selling through the blog isn't a means of avoiding negative feedback issues. Bases covered. :)

This is a one of a kind camera that offers the same functions of the Polaroid SLR680 but with an artistic twist. The front and rear sonar housing and shutter faceplate have been media blasted, primered, and painted (matte clearcoat added) to offer a unique look that unfortunately was never offered by Polaroid. You may notice that there are no strap lugs on the camera, I'm currently in the process of replacing the bottom plate to one that has strap lugs. Here's a quick refresher of the SLR680 specs and some more info on what's included with this camera:

- 4-element 116mm f/8 glass lens
- Minimum focus - 10.4"
- Aperture range: f/8-f/90
- Switch between auto and manual focus
- Split viewfinder fresnel lens 
- Electronic flash - on/off
- Shutter speeds from 1/175 to 10+ seconds
- 2 packs of batch tested Polaroid 779 film (exp. 10/06)
- Unused tripod adapter
- SLR680 strap
- SLR680 manual included

Please keep in mind if you are interested that this is a custom painted camera. The finish is fragile and can be damaged if abused or mishandled and the camera, as with all vintage equipment, should be handled with care. Any abrasive material or sharp objects used on the painted parts will damage the finish, much like paint on a car or furniture. It's recommended that the camera be stored in its case whenever it is not in use.

Please contact me if interested in purchasing this camera. I would like it to go to a good home. Shop's closed!

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