Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October - **Update for Repair Submissions**

What is it about October?! It’s gorgeous out, the greatest holiday is just around the corner (yep… Halloween), and the shop gets FLOODED with repair submissions! Thanks to all that have continued to support 2nd Shot by giving their cameras a total makeover! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting quite a few people over the last few months on Instagram, email, and even facetime as well... Polafans are everywhere and it's good to see such enthusiasm for a media that was almost declared extinct!

However (ugh)... unfortunately due to the large amount of repair submissions, I can’t accept any new repairs for another two weeks. It’s no lie when I say I’m up to my elbows in repairs (check out the pic below) but I couldn’t be happier with the amount of work ahead of me. This really is a pleasure to work on these cameras and I'll be back to accepting new cameras very soon.

I had to put the “Building a Sonar” on hold but stay tuned for parts II and III where I walk through the cleaning and final adjustments of the camera. There will also be a special announcement concerning this camera once finished! **it’s a surprise** Shop’s closed!

On to pics!!! I have several SLR680s that I’ve been sitting on for too long. 680 parts, especially cosmetic parts like faceplates, are very hard to come by. Instead of waiting for donors and avoiding any more waiting for customers, and with a little background in auto body repair, I did some cosmetic restoration. Epoxy, wet sand, primer, repeat, paint, matte coat, BLAMMO! The results came out very nice and I didn’t need to shell out insane cash for a donor. Thanks to the owners of these cameras for your amazing patience. This was a bit of trial and error and I wanted to do this right and not some half-arsed patch job.

I realized that I have a boatload of Fuji packfilm in my fridge and really don’t have a dedicated camera for leisure use… I sold my Four Seasons 110a last year. So with a few hours to spare while waiting for parts to soak in solvent, after reading the tutorial from Option8 (this guy’s got some insane Polaskills), I hacked a Packfilm 250 to house a 127/4.7 Yashinon/Seikosha. I’m still working to get a correct focus but I still can’t figure out why I didn’t do this sooner. With the demise of fp3000b film I might have to start shooting more color. I’m ok with that. J

I’m making it a point to take better pics of final cameras to send to customers as well and eventually post an online gallery of cameras that I've finished. Here’s a Model 1 on it’s way to Singapore. Thanks Jake!

And finally, the waiting room as of yesterday. The Post Office is gonna love me.

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