Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gremlins and a Shop Update

I absolutely LOVE working on these cameras... I really do! There's no subjective thought involved when it comes to repairs. Either they work properly or don't. Rarely do I get frustrated and if I ever do it's probably because I made a mistake, accidentally broke a part, or in this case, face a camera that just didn't want to work properly. Yesterday I finished up on a Model 1 that I put almost 15 hours of work into. This camera seriously was an avalanche of problems. Once something was fixed, another thing broke or once I got the electronics stable, I'd get a current drain. I started to blame gremlins after a while. I have to admit I learned a TON on this camera, especially being able to properly follow a Failure Analysis Chart. I'll have pics of this one soon.

OK, for those that have a camera in the repair queue, I'm currently done with all repairs but I'm waiting on a new shipment of leather skins. I thought I was doing the right thing by stocking up on black and pebble black leather as I received ten SLR680s in the past month or so. Well, as soon as those came in I received seven Model 1s and have no tan skins but new ones are on their way. So I'll have this last batch finished up next week ready to ship by that weekend! After that I'll be able to take new submissions starting November 3rd.:)

I'll also soon have several cameras in stock starting off with 3 very beautiful SLR680s that will be for sale here through the blog. If there are any questions or if you'd like to reserve one please send an email.

Shop's closed for tonight but here's a 'before and after' of a Model 2 I just finished up. this was the filthiest camera I've had to clean yet and I got Popeye arms once I was done scrubbing but i think it came out beautiful!

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  1. Amazing job! This looks just like the camera my dad just found in his old shop and gifted to me (I'm a photographer). Any tips on how to go about restoring this beast?