Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Happened to my Camera!?!?

I used to have that question constantly bouncing around in my head when I would get a camera that wouldn't work. There's a LOT of broken cameras out there and it's very common for folks to get one that either "worked last time I used it" or "untested". Some don't even know what the hell it is (those are the ones I buy :) ). A majority of times it doesn't work or if it does, it doesn't work properly. Here's a little snag that my videographer (Dubbs) took a video of... I narrowed the problem down to faulty gears probably from packed dirt, oil, and dried up disco smoke and polyester carpeting in the geartrain.

The SX70 is a sweet little gadget. Every movement has a cause and effect and it's very efficient how it operates. But like every design things can be made better. Thus the evolution of parts on the inside and out. Stay tuned to see how the fix went.

I'm mumbling like Harrison Ford in this vid because this was actually a rehearsal... I decided to keep it. I actually have a very nice presenting voice. Seriously...

OK... it turns out the motor wasn't putting enough torque to move everyting along. I did a gear swap and it helped a little during cycling but didn't have enough umph to initiate the cycle to begin with. After about an hour of work, new gears, new motor... BLA-BLAM! Works like a champ! :)

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