Sunday, February 24, 2013

Custom Blue Sonar SX70

So I'm a night owl... I like staying up late and working on my cameras, drawing, cruising the net... anything to keep myself up. I guess I don't want to miss anything. I wouldn't call it insomnia because if I were to lay down I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. This is usually when I get my best work done so in case anyone's wondering, that's why I post so stinking late.

I have a few cameras going up for auction in about 3 days. There's some more to clean up and work out some of the bugs on a few but overall I'm really happy with the latest bunch. I'm always looking for new ways to improve quality. I test all my cameras based on "the manual's" repair inspection procedure. It's about a 40+ step process that covers all things like testing for idler wheel backlash, light meter response, and even running an extensive amount of cycles in various light conditions. I end all tests with a single test exposure using PX70 film.

So for some pics, here's Gippy in his new blue outfit. This will be up for auction with 4 other cameras. Here's also a sneak peek at a model 1 that will be up for auction too... The new genuine leather panels add a great look!

I now have an online store open as well that have my services listed and I'll have a few cameras up for sale there soon. Check out 2nd Shot SX70 Service on Etsy!

Here's the blue Sears Special. I'm really happy with how nice this came out!

And the model 1... This one cleaned up very nicely... Look at that shine!!!

Ending with a little promo shot...

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