Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tour the Shop

Well, not really a huge commercial workshop but my girlfriend (Dubbs) did an amazing job at setting up workspace so we can do stuff like this. We're both artists/designers/tinkerers/hobbyists and need space to play with our "stuff". So here's a quick glimpse at where I like to spend time and tinker... you can see my inventory starting to build up too. Some great cameras ready for fixin... Tonight I worked on a very special camera from NC I named Hickory (that's where it's from)... I'll have more on that one soon. I'm keeping that one. :)

Here's the mess... I'm always in need of boxes, bubble wrap, and parts...

Some faceplates and parts... (some color experiment in the works too!)

Here's the "graveyard"... camera chassis that are pretty busted up waiting to be stripped for parts...

And the waiting room... I dont actually write on the cameras. I put a piece of packing tape down and jot down notes like what the problem is or whom it belongs to. Some cameras don't need a reskin which is soooooo nice.

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