Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Welcome Back Polaroid!

I really don’t know where to start on this one… do I get all emotional and blubbery? Should I write something dramatic (too late)? Do I surpress all emotion and be “all business-like”? How about writing this in prose? Interpretive dance maybe?

I’ll keep it simple. I’m very excited to call my favorite film “Polaroid” again. Happy 80th birthday and welcome back…

For those just tuning in, essentially what's going on is The Impossible Project purchased the Polaroid brand name and rebranded all their instant film products under the name Polaroid Originals. So it's the same company but different name. Brilliant marketing move for Impossible in response to Instax's growing portfolio of instant film formats and cameras. Plus this is a very recognizable name and will pull in new and old fans/users/photographers thus hopefully boosting sales allowing for product refinement and R&D for new goodies for you and me. The competition between companies makes for more and better products and I'm all for it.

Best news of all is that we'll finally see a drop in price for all films... from 23USD to 18.99 for 600/SX70 and 15.99 for i-type! Pinch me now! Ready for more?! The new OneStep2 is only $99! So not only are they hitting the market with a resurrection of the Polaroid name (in reference to analog instant photography) but they're also making it more affordable! Yes I'm running in place right now!!!

And get this... 2nd Shot is also celebrating it’s first year full-time to the day. HOW ABOUT THAT?! Tons of exciting new things coming up that I’ll post soon but for now, we’re just soaking in the great news. Congrats to The Impossible Project. You guys did it. :)

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