Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Whut?! Free Camera?

Lot of cool news this post as 2nd Shot is approaching it’s first year being full-time (almost 6 years since this whole gig started!). We've been pretty quiet on social media to focus all attention on filling repair/sales orders but now that things are close to finding balance, it's time for some more posts. But first, a bit of house keeping…

There are about a dozen cameras in the works any given week, either waiting for new parts or for skins, so thanks for everyone’s patience while I gradually chip away at the queue. This summer has been the busiest to date and I’ve had to extend some wait times to fulfill orders with specific deadlines… some a bit longer than I’d like to. To expedite these orders, I’ve had a few friends lend a hand with parts cleaning and assembly. Those with repairs that have been paid for can expect their cameras to ship either this or next week. 

We're under two weeks away from celebrating the first full-time year of 2nd Shot and I’ve been itching to announce the 2017 SX70 giveaway. It's a 1973 Model 1 that was donated to the shop last month and the owner requested that it go to a good home so I'm gonna follow through with her request and find this classic a new owner. It's been given the 2nd Shot treatment... fully rebuilt, cleaned and tested, and works like a charm! Here's the rules for the giveaway:

**First be sure to visit www.instagram.com/2ndshotsx70service and start an account if you haven't already... Instagram is cool.**

1. Follow 2nd Shot SX70 Service on Instagram if you haven't already.
2. Repost this image on your feed using a repost app.
3. Mention us @2ndshotsx70service and 2 friends in the comments section.
4. Hashtag your post #SX70GAW - Make sure your page is public so we can see it!

International entries are welcome but winners will be responsible for shipping and any additional fees. Make sure to follow the above rules... I'm checking these closely! :)

Just like last year, the giveaway ends September 9th at “High Noon” EST and the winner will be posted 24 hours after giveaway ends.


I’m also proud to announce that 2nd Shot will be directly collaborating with Aki-Asahi (one of the top suppliers of replacement camera coverings and skins) by offering custom art and engraving. The look, feel, smell, and fit of Aki-Asahi skins is hands-down the best I’ve used that has been able to replicate the original leather coverings on SX70 cameras. I’ve been using them since I started restoring SX70s and will continue to do so. 

With this new service, you can have your company logo, name, favorite art, etc, engraved onto your SX70 skins. With over 15 years of professional design experience, custom art, illustration, and design services are available done by yours truly. 

But wait… there’s more! Last month I ran a few test cuts of anodized aluminum skins and the results were fantastic! They also sold out really fast. I’ll be having more cut and will be available to add during a repair/restoration, and I’ll be selling them on the 2nd Shot site as well. These will also be able to be engraved and customized! 

Finally, check out workstation v2.0! It's about time... the old IKEA glass table was getting pretty crowded and a bit on the wobbly side. And who the hell would use a glass table as a workbench anyway?! *raises hand* *blushes*

2nd Shot continues to offer exclusive products and services that will give your SX70 a new life and many more years in action. 2018 will be a challenging year and as this gig is gaining more traction, keep your eyes out in the next few months for some very cool social media and PR projects including a new Youtube channel, gallery projects, and collaborations, and even a haunted Pola-Walk in the works! 

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