Sunday, September 4, 2016

Free Camera? Yes... Free Camera!

Now is a good time to head over to Instagram and start following 2nd Shot if you already haven't. We're giving away a free SX-70 Model 2 that's been modified to use 600 film. Also included in this giveaway is, you guessed it, a free pack of 600 film! The giveaway ends at 12:00 PM EST September 9th and a winner will be chosen 24 hours later. It's very important to follow the rules on this one... we'll be checking entries :). First you'll need to sign up with IG if you already haven't. Next:

1. Follow 2nd Shot's Instagram page

2. Be sure to "like" the giveaway pic.

3. Use an app such as 'Repost' to repost the giveaway pic on your own page.

4. On your reposted pic, tag two of your friends in the comments section along with @2ndshotsx70service

5. Include the hashtag #2ndshotsx70 in your post (don't include the word "service" - just plain ol #2ndshotsx70)

That's it! And for those that haven't, be sure to head on over and take a peek at the new site at

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