Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2nd Shot Part IV: A New Beginning

For 80s horror movie buffs that’s a little homage to the Friday the 13th series… very formulaic but man, those poster titles were effective. [Title + Part ___: = Tagline]. Great, now I’m gonna have to take a few hours to watch those again. Unfortunately the CED format died shortly before part VI was released (kinda biased on that one being the best… **discuss**) so I only have 1-5 on videodisc. I’m spoiled.

FINALLY! It's about #&$*@) time... here's the site I promised forever ago. Click the link below to be magically warped to a place where instant film thrives. All sales and repair pricing has been updated as well as customization options. Feel free to stop by and take a glance. There's still a LOT of bugs and shitty spelling (I think I spelled 'shitty' right - this page just became PG-13). As mentioned on the site's sales page, inventory is constantly being updated and moved around. I'll be adding more pages and items like film and accessories very soon. Also shirts, stickers, and other swag will make it's way on there too. It definitely is a work in progress. ;) 

So here we are… a new beginning, new chapter, clean slate, dawn of a new day, and all those other colloquialisms and metaphorical literary terms that I’m most likely using incorrectly. Apologies in advance to the grammar and literary police. This is an exciting time that I’ve been dreaming of doing the past 3 years and with Impossible gradually perfecting their integral format, the popularity of Instax films, and the launch of two fantastic instant cameras from Impossible and Mint, it’s the perfect time to promote instant and all film photography. No pics this eve... I'm pooped. Thanks and let's see where this goes!

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