Monday, May 11, 2015

What's New with 2nd Shot!

I've been posting a lot on Instagram lately so April was kind of a bust in terms of blog updates. Sometimes it's easier to post pics. In fact, it's always easier to post pics. So let me write some stuff before I post pics. It's fun to say "PICS!"...


I finally caught up with April's cameras and things have calmed down a bit. Now would be a great time to submit a camera for repair as a new wave is already starting to hit and the queue is filling up fast! I'll keep this short and sweet so here's the things I'm working on lately.

- I'm experimenting with a new customization process. This will be very cool if it works! I'll give a hint... it's not the skins and it's not paint. Oooooo... what could it be!!??

- I currently have 8 cameras in the queue including 2 custom builds. One of the cameras is a deluxe package for a VIP customer who is also helping out with developing correct original camel color matched skins for the Model 1. With his permission I'll post a story and pics about that later.

- I'll be starting a dedicated 2nd Shot YouTube channel as well as starting to share images on Twitter.

- Plans for the sister site are currently on hold as Instagram, the 2nd Shot blog, and Facebook seem to be a hotspot for correspondence.

- I now have two dedicated shipping days, Tuesdays and Fridays. If there are special shipping requirements or schedules then I'll be happy to help out. Just let me know in advance is there is a deadline for a project.

- 2 words... Tee Shirts.

- 1 word... Stickers.

- Look out for 2nd Shot's ad in the next issue of Pryme Magazine. If you are passionate about instant photography and those that exhibit their work, then then be sure to subscribe!

- I am gradually working my way up to repairing packfilm cameras as well as "box-type" cameras on a regular basis so if you have a model that needs a tweak or two, feel free to contact me.

- I'm constantly reaching out to other artists and businesses for new ideas and to help deliver a better product to customers. There are some very exciting ideas in the works as I write this. I'm always available for comments, questions, and suggestions so please feel free to contact me at any time.

...and now it's thunderstorming out. Here's a few highlights from this week's cameras. Shop's closed!

This 690 came to the shop with a cracked hinge on the fresnel carrier. After a new carrier from a Sonar it's as good as new. In fact, gem mint condition!

A before and after of a Model 2 from a returning and totally rock and roll customer. This is the dirtiest camera I've had to clean yet. Like 'Swamp Thing' dirty...

And finally, a beautiful Model 1 headed to Miami.

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