Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Motorhead - Pricing Updates

Motorhead was founded in 1975 by bassist Lemmy Kilmister. I saw them once and it was an amazing concert... really amazing. Like, "holy crap that was amazing" amazing. This post isn't about the band.

A few of you may remember reading about my pursuit of finding a suitable new replacement motor to get your SX70 working like new again and if you've had a camera worked on by 2nd Shot in the past month, you may already have one in your camera. The SX70 motor is an essential component that drives the sequence of events within the camera... no different than the motor in a car. If the motor is sluggish, old, dirty, noisy, then your camera is not working 100% resulting in poor performance and wasted fuel (in this case film). Frustrating... I've been there.

I'm happy to announce that 2nd Shot will now be offering factory fresh unused SX70 motors available for all repairs! In some cases the motor in your camera may be just fine or needs a simple reconditioning. But if your motor sounds "sick", like it's working too hard or speeds up then slows down, etc. - your camera is a great candidate for a motor replacement. A new motor in your camera allows the geartrain to operate efficiently and assures smooth and quick film delivery eliminating the frustration of film jams and unevenly developed areas of the exposed print. Your camera will sound as healthy as ever!

Due to the change in 2nd Shot's new repair techniques and the need for more labor and parts intensive repairs, mostly with Model 1s, I'm adjusting the pricing estimate categories. With the new "Overhaul" category, your camera is fully disassembled and upgraded parts like flex circuit, motor, shutter ECM (if needed) are included along with any repairs necessary. This category is highly recommended for older 1972-1974 Model 1 cameras in poor condition that utilize fragile parts that will likely fail over time.

I'd love to hear more feedback from followers and 2nd Shot customers as well. Please feel free to drop a line anytime and as always, keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for more drool-worthy pics.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, I will be out of town on business from 1/26 - 2/3. 

Shop's closed!

Finishing off tonight with 2 repairs. The white Model 2 inspired "The Adventures of a Dropped Camera" cartoon I doodled earlier this month.

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