Thursday, January 15, 2015

Latest Shipments - ***Shop Hours Update***

Thursday night already?! Cripes... OK. This week (and just about every week) has flown by. So here's a quick update as promised on Instagram.

First, a special thanks to everyone that has taken interest in what 2nd Shot has to offer... I've been getting a lot of emails and have met a ton of amazing people... it's fantastic to be a part of the drive to keep instant photo alive! For those that have cameras waiting, thanks for your patience. I'm about a week behind but gradually catching up. I'll be traveling to see family this weekend, (it's my daughter's 9th birthday!) so I'll be able to pick back up on repairs next week and a few sales (including a new SLR680 custom) are in the works. I anticipate I'll get caught up by next weekend with 7 cameras currently in the queue. I'll keep everyone posted with progress and keep watching 2nd Shot on Instagram for more cool SX70 nerd pics!

FYI... The shop will be closed from 1/26 - 2/3. I'll be traveling for my day job and need time to prepare for the trip. I'll also have very limited access to email so I won't be able to answer anyone until I get back. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Also, anticipate some new changes with 2nd Shot! New Year and new look coming in February!

Shop's closed!

This was posted on Instagram yesterday and here's the final product. This was a complete teardown and rebuild. Model 1s are very difficult to work on as they're very fragile. Fixing one part often leads to breaking another so taking it completely apart, although time consuming, makes it very easy to work on. The factory new motor works amazingly well... the camera works like new again!

Finally, here's this week's group of cameras shipping out tomorrow. In this mix you can see a beautiful Alpha 1 that has been well preserved! This one needed a new focus wheel and a new inner lens due to a little corrosion causing the outer lens element to fuse with the inner. A little inspection, cleaning, and it's ready to shoot!



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