Monday, December 23, 2013

Goldfinger and Cool Suede - Merry Christmas!

Checking in for what might be the final post for 2013 with a few updates and wishing everybody an awesome Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year! 2nd Shot is coming close to its first year anniversary and it's been an amazing learning experience and here's to another great year for instant photography! I wish The Impossible Project the best to keep pushing forward with their improvements in all their films and even their upcoming cameras and products in 2014... and all the best to the Polaroid enthusiasts everywhere! We've met quite a few people since 2nd Shot kicked off in February and I hope we can all continue to support those keeping instant film photography alive!

2nd Shot is taking a bit of some time off to enjoy a little break. I'm currently finishing off the final camera of 2013 to head to Canada and then it's time for some travel and hang out with our families. If you wish to inquire about sales/repairs please continue to do so but keep in mind the shop won't be open again until the second week of January.

So what's in store for 2014? We'll be offering sales directly though the blog as well as the option to request customizations like newly available skins, custom painted parts, custom color buttons, and even modifications for cameras to work with 600 film! We are even planning a one-year anniversary SX-70 giveaway... keep an eye out in the new year for info and changes to the blog!

So we leave you with a few pics from the shop this past month... I didn't get a chance to take pics of all the projects as there was a bit of a mad dash to get these finished and shipped by Christmas but here's a few highlights. Merry Christmas everybody!!!!! Shop's closed!

A few pics of some details that I like to make sure are clean before a camera leaves the shop... shutters must be stick-free, fresnel lenses must be dust-free, and most importantly, where applicable, those darn viewing mirror cover stickers have to be gunk-free...

A trio of Model 3s. A bit of a tricky camera to shoot with but I keep saying it, these things are durable little cameras...

Sales were a big part of 2013 and thanks to Impossible's advances in 600 film quality, anything that took 600 film was a big seller...

Finally, here's two custom skin projects, Goldfinger and Cool Suede. These were both cameras that I custom cut skins to give a very classy finish. I have to admit, working with custom materials are a bit difficult but very rewarding. Much like custom cars, these definitely give up some of their utilitarian qualities to give way to some very rewarding artistic expression.

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