Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some Good Nights... Some bad...

... and this evening was a tough one. Coming back from vacation I have a lot of catching up to do. Tonight was supposed to be straight forward... reskins on 2 Model 3s and and quick cleaning on a very nice Model 1 repair request. Instead, I just got done with a 4 hour Model 3 nightmare. This camera is the most stubborn little thing I have dealt with yet. Add that and a little film malfunction (opacifier everywhere) and you've got yourself a frustrated Polaroid freak. Turns out the Model 3 I got in the mail last week had a hairline crack on the mirror cover just at the locking tab, the part that helps keep the camera closed. Not acceptable in my book, visible or not. So my plan was to take an old Model 3 that had a pretty nasty fungus lens (mentioned in the previous post) and swap the chassis to that of the one I just got done skinning. So I ended up swapping everything just to find the MCC (motor control circuit) got fried while I was soldering in a new motor. So then I had to swap out the flex cicuit too. OK... long story short, It took a lot longer than expected. All ended up well though and I think this little porker will find a good home. Shop's closed... NITE!

I'm super quick to forgive IP film. I'm sure Land dealt with this at some point or another... They're doing some amazing work and keep getting better. <3

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