Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tonight's camera prep

Sleepy!... Just got finished cleaning up, checking, and reskinning 2 model 3s and a Sonar SE... The work room reeks of Goo Gone and my fingers are all chapped. I love it! I'm really happy with working with the new colors and material. They add quite a bit of warmth and retro to the group. Dubbs did a great job picking it out... :) I did a faceplate swap for one of the SEs. I love the matte aluminum and blue button combo! I also had a bit of fun and swapped a model 3 back for a strapped Sears Special. It's cool seeing a model 3 with a strap. Jeez I'm a Poladork. I was having quite a bit of trouble with my adhesive on the one model 3 though... not sure why it's not sticking like the others. None needed repair. The silver faceplate SE might need a geartrain inspection. It's a little inconsistent and sounds like it's struggling. So here's the latest bunch that will be up for sale soon once all the bugs are out! :)

Mmmm... chocolate.

Sweet faceplate and button swap...

 Model 3 with strap...

 No clue why the Model 3 gets a bad reputation. It's a solid camera!

Party hats!

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