Sunday, October 22, 2017

I-Type Conversion - Survey Time!

I like getting feedback and input when it comes to new ideas and potential products... it's a beneficial part of the design process and is often confused with "design-by-committee" situations. You may have seen that 2nd Shot is currently developing a camera conversion to use i-Type film. This allows for use of a less expensive and more versatile film (600 asa). Another advantage is that i-Type film packs don't have the traditional built-in "impulse" flat batteries so there's less of these batteries tossed into landfills. Nice. Another goal for this project is to avoid simply tacking on a Radio Shack battery holder and calling it a day. Why not make it look like an actual product with ergonomic considerations combined with styling that compliments the camera's aesthetics... good ol product design right?

I'm constantly reminding myself that this isn't a commercially manufactured product like I was used to dealing with at my last job. This will essentially be a service utilizing handcrafted and 3D printed parts so I'm dealing with a different type of costing process. My goal is to still offer the best service I can at a lower cost but I don't want to sacrifice important features. So posted below is a very brief survey that will help me determine how to go about this service.

A majority of product cost will be for materials... specifically the battery pack housing. 3D printing isn't really that cheap compared to large-scale manufacturing but neither is low run manufacturing compared to 3D printing. Overall size will also need to be determined by the power source. There's the traditional path of using AA batteries as opposed to a li-ion poly battery able to be recharged with a USB cable. Bulky and low cost vs. slim and expensive... it's the eternal struggle of product designers. So I'm reaching out to you guys to help me choose a direction and offer some input. Click away! :)

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