Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Model 3 - Black and Tan

The Model 3s are done!! WOOOO!!! Much better shop night tonight. I started off doing a fresnel carrier swap in a Model 3. Interesting Polaroid kept the fresnel lenses in the Model 3s even though they aren't SLR. They put a huge 'X' on it though and even offset the split circle so it couldn't be used. And I don't have pics but I just finished a diagnostic for a customer in Montana... turns out to be a NPF (no problem found) but that doesn't mean we look it over and pack it back up and ship it out. We still run all cameras received for repair, or even just to "look at", through the standard routine repair inspection procedure. That gives the customer confidence that their camera works properly once they get it back. :)

That's all for tonight. Next up is an Alpha 1 grad present, more customer repairs, and finally some Ebay sales! And even later... 2nd Shot has acquired the grandaddy of all folding Polaroid cameras that will be up for sale next month!


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