Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Istanbul Bound and The Emperor's New Clothes

Here it is 3 in the morning again. We've been rushing to get two great orders together, one of them headed to Istanbul, Turkey! How cool will that trip be?! The other was the SLR680 that I took pics of and posted earlier. I had to go back to the shop with that one... it wasn't clean enough. There were still some cracks that showed dust and the edges were a bit rough but I found that a few drags with the edge of a steel ruler brings it back to a fine corner... there's one of my tricks. :) I can finally get back to my Model 3 order that I put off for too long. Also, we're working on a new *hush hush* custom, "Red Sonja". I'll give a hint... it's red.

Here's a fantastic custom ordered Onestep Sonar package. I really like the dark brown on this model. The case cleaned up nicely and included is four packs of PX70 film and 4 NOS flashbars... I really hope it's new owner will be very pleased.

And here's the Emperor again... this time fully cleaned.

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