Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2nd Shot Gains Momentum

Well, after over a month of starting the SX70 service and with a ton of help from Dubbs, I have to admit things are taking off quite well! A lot of folks have emailed with either questions or comments about the cameras or even about Polaroid in general and I love answering them :). All the latest Ebay sales have finished up and we're getting ready to ship a bunch of orders, we have a few custom requests that are in progress, and there's another batch of cameras to start fixing/dressing up. I have to say, although a bit stressful at times (as cliche as it sounds, we're really shooting for satisfied customers), this is FUN! We get to crank some tunes and work in the shop for 3-4 hours each evening just chill and focused... some nights are later like tonight but it's good to be busy.

So what's been going on? Well, tonight I had the pleasure of fixing and dressing up a very nice SLR680, what some consider the Cadillac of Polaroid cameras. This was in ok shape when it arrived but after about 8 hours of work into it it works like a new camera. This is essentially a Sonar with an electronic flash built in. It's very top heavy and sticks out like a sore thumb but man does it take great pics and I love the stealth look of it. I'm also working on the series of Model 3s that I had mentioned earlier and I also started a package deal that will make its journey all the way to Istanbul! How cool is that!? Stay tuned for more pics plus a quick breakdown on the difference between some camera models and my take on why they're priced the way they are.

The Emperor!

As of this evening, all the cameras shown here are sold with the exception of the SLR680 and the custom blue Sonar. Check out the sweet Bumblebee Model 3! More pics of that one on our facebook page.

Some shipments get the VIP treatment. This tan Model 1 is being shipped to a photographer in Vegas.

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