Friday, January 20, 2017

Quick Random Political Thought...

Seeing how the blog has also doubled as a bit of a journal for me lately, I have to jot down a personal note to look back on in the future. Some may get pissed about it or disagree with, get offended, it seems pretty easy to rile people up on social media which is why I try to keep things strictly business. I sit here in the shop and sometimes listen to podcasts that can get political and all that. The shop can't always be banging with 80s/90s hip hop and metal. Well, it can but I'm running out of playlists.

I was just sitting here thinking, for the past eight years I didn't go hungry, I had a roof over my head, I felt safe as an American, and my wife and kids are healthy as is the rest of my family. I think Obama did a good job and I feel pretty proud we had him as President. Thankful would be a better term. I reallyreally hope I can say anything remotely close to the same eight years from now... hell even four.

Ok... this is also a Polaroid blog. So, here's a Polaroid picture!


  1. I agree with you...Obama was a great president. Can't say much about the current president. How can someone who is arrogant and conceited think of others when he is so full of himself.

  2. I think he was the second worst president of my lifetime. Seems like folks either liked him or they don't and there is no middle ground on that subject. I know where I stand but that's what's great about America right!