Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pinky and the Witch - Sonar Aloha - Pricing Updates

Anyone know where the summer went? Seriously, what happened?! One minute it was April and BOOM... July was a bit slow in terms of cameras. Everyone is out and about... including me so a little break was warmly welcomed. Needless to say it's been a fantastic Summer and we've been getting a better flow of repairs as of late so many thanks to those that have contacted 2nd Shot recently. I'd like to give a little heads up on pricing. We're moving to a 2 category price selection as cameras received for simple reskins have all needed some form of repair... It's tough for me to return a customer's camera shiny and skinned but working like a wreck and it's taken a bit more time and parts to get these right before shipping. So each camera is now thoroughly inspected, adjusted, and repaired even if it is sent in for a simple reskin thus the price increase. However it's important to note that the prices do include free return shipping and there is the option to waive the cost for a reskin if a customer decides to do it themselves.

As for updates, I just finished up this evening with a thorough re-do on a very nice antique Sonar from Hawaii and finished up the most recent custom - Pretty in Pink (or Molly - Molly Ringwald as Dubbs calls it)! This lovely OneStep Sonar SE will be up for auction very soon. Also included are some pics of a recently sold green model - Wicked Witch... keep an eye out for more customs and blog updates. Till then, shop's closed!

Tonight's work... I'm happy!


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