Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summertime - Learning New things

Wow... almost 3 weeks without a post? Unacceptable... Now that I've scolded myself, allow me to give a little insight on what's up here at 2nd Shot. Summertime is here finally and the shop has slowed down slightly with repairs. That's OK though as it's allowed me to catch up with seven new "listing" cameras, cameras that will be listed on Ebay. In a previous post there was a picture of a whole table of cameras. Well, I've finally been able to dive in and get some wonderful Deluxe SX-70 packages together. Combine that with Summer activities and Dubbs and I have been a busy pair.

So what will these deluxe packages include? Glad you asked. Currently there are 4 total Alpha 1 packages in the making, one of which is shown below. 3 packages will include a near mint fully refurbished Alpha 1, mint SX70 case, strap, and a flashbar. One Alpha 1 package will be the same but instead of a case it will come with a mint vinyl Ever Ready case in box! Also in the making to list is yet another custom "Alpha Color" Alpha 1. Kermit anyone? Check out the hint below. Next we have an awesome find... an unmolested MINT original in box Model 2 Autofocus. This thing is beautiful and works like the day it came off the assembly line. Finally, something a little different for 2nd Shot, a MINT Automatic 250 packfilm camera. There's a lot to look forward to in the next 2 weeks so keep an eye out for our Ebay listings here.

So here at 2nd Shot we're always looking for new things to improve on our cameras. One thing I noticed with a lot of fixers (almost all are fixers... wow) is that the viewfinders are dirty or even damaged. With us it's all about the detail. If a motor is sluggish, not acceptable. If a viewfinder is heavily spotted, again... no good. So I've been taking the time to learn new ways of cleaning the fresnel lenses found in the SX70 camera. Needless to say it's been quite a challenge but it's one more thing that 2nd Shot can add to the list of fixes. There's still a list of stuff that I'm trying to figure out how to fix. The biggest killer is fungus. Unfortunately parts that are heavily soiled with fungus go to the garbage. Fungus in the inner lens my worst enemy as the inner lens is heat staked to the shutter board. So again, while I'm doing repairs or refurbs, I'm constantly trying new ways of improving quality of details. It's amazingly worth it in the end.

Coming soon is as promised, a pictorial guide to the difference between an Alpha 1 and a Model 1 and a nice set of SX70 repairs for a customer in Wisconsin.

Before gratuitous pics of repairs, I wanted to share a few pics that were taken in the last month. We take a TON of Polaroid pics... integral, packfilm, even Polaroid roll film and not all are simply test shots. Here's a few taken of outside the shop, and of the 2nd Shot family Dubbs, Wes, Allie, and Leela... Life is good.

OK, here's the fist of the Alpha 1 cameras that was completed. I actually swapped out the fresnel lens on this on as it had a big ol splotch of fungus smack dab in the middle. Add a blue button and you've got yourself a Revue clone. This is one of my favorite cameras to date and I really do hate to let it go. You can see the typical process, disassembly, cleaning, and reskin. Gorgeous!

 Got Green? This one is gonna be SA-WEET!

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