Friday, September 27, 2013

Alpha Twins Activate! - Hair Puller from Down Under

Got back from vacation earlier this month, cleaned the shop, sorted out inventory, tinkered with some parts, and started a few repairs and auctions... grew the beard and belly out a bit too... looks like Winter is a comin! :)

Last week I received an SLR680 from Australia from a really great person that wanted to see their camera work and look like new again. Jobs like these are fairly straight forward as there may be donor parts needed in the event of PCB board replacement. Well, sometimes I forget about my own rule of buying cameras the are "working" without asking questions and I got burned buying a donor camera... so I end with a junk camera that can't fix a customer's camera. This doesn't happen often but when it does I do not like it one bit. Grrr... More to come on this one and I'll have some pics soon.

In the meantime, I finished up on a set of twin Alpha 1 "X" models. Remember Racer X? Stealthy... sinister... sleek. That's the "X". They are currently for sale on The Ebays. These are top of the line refurbished Alpha 1s that look and work like new. Check em out!

OK... next update will be a post about the Aussie SLR680 and a few new Model 3s... and even later, some of my own pics and a break from the repair posts. Till then, shop's closed!

Brother and Sister... I would have no idea how to tell them apart. Maybe flip em over?

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